Organización / Institución Idioma(s) País Teléfono / Fax / Correo electrónico Dirección postal

Fundación Colombiana de Hipertensión Pulmonar -FCHP-
Colombian Pulmonary Hypertension Foundation -CPHF-
Colombia 1-8000-
Fax: +57 (4) 416-3548
VoIP: +57-(4) 247-5678
Celular: 317-617-3877
USA: +1-602-334-4845
[email protected]
Calle 32 F 76 - 113

The Pulmonary Hypertension Society of Canada -PHSC-
Canada Phone: 519-966-7359
Fax: 519-966-7340
[email protected]
Suite 202-2510 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor, Ontario
N8X 1L4

British Columbia Pulmonary Hypertension Society (BCPHS)
Canadá [email protected]

The Lung Centre
  Canadá Phone: 604-875-4122
Fax: 604-875-4695
7th Floor 2775 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1M9

British Columbia Lung Association
    604.731.LUNG (5864)
1.800.665.LUNG (5864)
Outside the Lower Mainland
F 604.731.5810
[email protected]
2675 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC
V6H 2K2

Pacific Lung Health Center
    Tel: 604 806 8818
Fax: 604 806 8839
[email protected]
St Paul's Hospital
8B Providence Wing
1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1Y6

Dynamic Choices Family Wellness Ltd.
    Tel:1 604 263 4191
Toll Free: 1 800 929 4191 (in North America)
[email protected]

Manitoba Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group
    Diane McGuire - (204) 728-0361
[email protected]
Dareth Hawes - (204) 895-0521
[email protected]
[email protected]
Alberta     Sharon Proudfoot - (403)701-8779
[email protected]

New Brunswick Pulmonary Hypertension Society 
    (506) 832-7618
[email protected]
P.O. Box 1332
Hampton, NB
E5N 8H3

Living with Pulmonary Hypertension  

Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders
    Phone: (416) 969-7464
Toll Free: (877) 302-7273
National Office: 151 Bloor Street West, Suite 600 Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1S4

PH Central
    [email protected]  

Pulmonary Hyertension Association
    Office: 301-565-3004
Fax: 301-565-3994
Toll Free Helpline: 1-800-748-7274
801 Roeder Rd. Ste 400
Silver Spring, MD 20910
      Inserm SC 11
102 rue Didot 75014
    [email protected]  

Fundacion de Apoyo para la Hipertension Pulmonar del Sureste, AC (FAHIP)

United Kingdom
  UK Patient helpline: 0800 3898 156
Office enquiries: phone/ fax:
01709 761450
[email protected]
The Brampton Centre,
Brampton Road
Wath Upon Dearne
South Yorkshire
S63 6BB

Pulmonary Hypertension Association Europe
  Vienna Austria Tel.: +43 (0)1 402 37 25
Fax: +43 (0) 1 409 35 28
[email protected]
Wilhelmstraße 19 | 1120 Vienna
ZVR-Zahl: 070826881
Vienna Austria

International Registry of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension - IRPPH.
    [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

PPH Cure Foundation
    [email protected]  

Pulmonale hypertonie e.v
  Germany Phone: ++49 (0)7242 / 95 26 66
Fax: ++49 (0)7242 / 95 26 67
Bruno Kopp
Wormser Str. 20
76287 Rheinstetten
      Lungen Hochdruck Pulmonaile hypertonie  

PPH Selbsthilfegruppe Schweiz
[email protected]
    Tel: 030 6569631
Fax: 030 2948503
[email protected]
Stationsweg 16
3981 AC Bunnik

Postbus 4
3980 CA Bunnik

Associazione Malati di Ipertensione Polmonare -L’AMIP-
  Italy Tel/Fax +39 06 33250970
Cell. +39 338 2806430 attivo 24/24 h.
[email protected]
74597048 A.M.I.P. O.N.L.U.S.
Via Bagnoregio, 51 - 00189

PHA - Japan
  Japan Tel/Fax: 050-1031-3706
[email protected]

National Registry for Familial Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
Fax: +1-615-343-7587
[email protected]
James Loyd, M. D., Director
Lisa Wheeler, Coordinator
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
T-1218 Medical Center North
Nashville, TN 37232-2650
PHA Austria

International Scleroderma Network    
National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. (NORD)  
Lung Rx, Inc.  
National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. (NORD)  
Lung Rx, Inc.  
PHA Australia   Australia [email protected]
North South Wales Support Group
[email protected]
PH vzw Belgium Dutch
[email protected]
[email protected]
Associacao Brasileira de Hipertensao Pulmonar - ABRAHP   Brazil  
Associacao Brasileira de Amigos e Familiares de Portadores de Hipertensao Arterial Pulmonar -ABRAF-   Brazil
Paula Menezes
[email protected]
Calgary Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group   Canada [email protected] Alberta
Edmonton Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group     [email protected]  
University of British Columbia PH Society (UBCPHS)     [email protected]  
Pulmonary Hypertension Society of Canada Canada - Ontario
PPH Quebec Support Group   Canada - Quebec
PHA - China   China
[email protected]
Sdruzeni Pacientu s Plicni Hypertenszi   Czech Republic
[email protected]
HTAP (HyperTension Artérielle Pulmonaire) Française France
[email protected]
Pulmonal hypertonie e.v. - Germany   Germany
[email protected]
PHA Greece   Greece [email protected] [email protected]
Pulmonary Hypertension Association English Ireland
[email protected]
PH Israel (Pulmonary Hypertension Israel)   Israel
[email protected]
[email protected]
AMIP (Associazione Malati Ipertensione Polmonare)   Italy
[email protected]
AIPI (Associazione Ipertensione Polmonare Italiana)   Italy
[email protected]
PH Latin Society - Latin America (US reg.)   USA [email protected]
AMHAP (Asociacion Mexicana de Hipertension Arterial Pulmonar)   Mexico
[email protected]
Mexican Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Association -MPAHA-   Mexico
[email protected], [email protected]
PHA - Nederland   The Netherlands
[email protected]
RESPIRAR - APHP Portuguese Portugal 
[email protected]
South African PH Support Group English South Africa [email protected] 
PHA SEA   Southeast Asia [email protected]
[email protected]
Asociación Nacional de Hipertension Pulmonar   España
[email protected]
Hjärt- och Lungsjukas Riksförbund   Sweden
Reumatikerförbundet   Sweden  
PHA Argentina   Argentina [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
PPH - Selbstrhilfegruppe Schweiz - German
HTAP Revivre Française   [email protected]   
PHA Turkey   Turkey [email protected]
[email protected]
Scleroderma Foundation    USA  
Fundacion de Hipertension Pulmonar de Venezuela (FUNDAHP)   Venezuela [email protected]
The Children PH (Pulmonary Hypertension) Research Foundation   Austria
[email protected]

PPH Quebec
[email protected]
TiPAH Mandarin Taiwan
HTAP Revivre   Switzerland [email protected]
Selbsthilfegruppe Schweiz German Switzerland
[email protected]

Organizaciones Profesionales de Salud Idioma(s) País Teléfono / Fax / Correo electrónico Dirección postal
American Thoracic Society (ATS)  
European Respiratory Society (ERS)
European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
The American College of Chest Physicians
American Heart Association
International Association for Adult Congenital Cardiac Disease
International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation
The European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR)
American College of Rheumatology
HIV Medicine
Medscape: General PAH Resource Center
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute - NHLBL     Tel: 301-592-8573
TTY: 240-629-3255
Fax: 301 592 8563
[email protected]
Office of the Director
Building 31, Room 5A52
31 Center Drive MSC 2486
Bethesda, MD 20892
Pulmonary Hypertension Clinical Trials
Medline Plus
Medline Plus Health Topics
Medline Plus Drug Information
Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia
Medline Plus Dictionary
Medline Plus Directories: Providers and Facilities
Medline en espanol
National Center for Biotechnology Information -NCBI-     Tel: 301-496-2475
Fax: 301-480-9241
[email protected]
Building 38A
Bethesda, MD 20894
PubMed (archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature)
TOXNET (toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and related areas) Specialized Information Services     Tel: 301- 496-1131 / 1-888-FINDNLM
Fax: 1-301-480-3537
[email protected]
2 Democracy Plaza, Suite 510
6707 Democracy Blvd., MSC 5467
Bethesda, MD 20892-5467
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